Students said:

“I am just going through the DOM stuff and man this is awesome. I had a feeling this was how real trading was. Not some crappy Foex robot or system. This is real trading. Thank you man your the best.”

“Going through the Depth Boot Camp has been a learning experience! Makes me think of when market makers are active and when they’re not, and extending that thought to when it is appropriate to trade like them and when it is not.”

“To be honest, I think your website is already a NEW ERA.”

“The material that you are providing is unique, this is really REAL, I’m pretty sure that anyone that dedicates himself hard in your courses will improve alot.”

“Regarding The Organized Trader course, I should’ve done this one year ago. This is a MUST for anyone that wants to be a trader, now I’m doing it. “

“The Depth Traders Boot Camp is amazing, this for sure is unique on the internet.”

“I also want to thank you for introducing me to spread trading. It is like a hidden gem. Spreads are much less riskier and moves are much less volatile than one-sided futures positions. Plus it is long term in nature. Being able to place your trade recommendation myself, has also helped me learn alot.”

“The most important thing I have learnt is I found out what worked and what did not work for me.”

“I enjoyed the freedom to utilize the techniques I have learned from my previous drills, thus I was able to experiment more to conclude what works and what doesn’t work.”

“A good challenge!”

“It’s forced me to have a view at almost every level.”

“Keeps you focused on price action. It’s a bit draining but I’ve never sat there and watched it like that before. It was a good lesson for me.”

“Good way to practice trading off market depth. Interesting way from the perspective of market making, and the use of limit orders only made it more interesting.”

“It really made me think deeper about entry and exit points. Challenging but enjoyable.”

“Makes me think about risk management more, given that I have to have a view long/short no matter what.”

“Chasing charts is the root to all losses.”

“Definitely challenging.”

“It gave me the guts to cut and reverse properly. This will make you a profitable trader. No kidding.”

“Great experience. It forced me to think much deeper about the repercussions of every trade.”

“I learned to (i) be very ruthless on my Stop- Profits — hopefully I can translate it to the real trading scenario (ii) Make money on false break-outs today (in other words, false breaks can be profitable).”

“I can see how this is strategy that can work on a medium to volatile market, but it probably would also work in a quiet market. It’s all about getting the levels right.”

“It had me thinking about the psychology behind a shorter term move. Like what would push a market past a certain point; if it had the pressure to sustain a move or would quickly reverse. I like this way of thinking.”

“It forced me to think about when I should be averaging ahead of time rather than doing it when I’m stuck in a bad position. In the past I have only averaged when in a bad position. I now think that is the worst time to do it. Timing is everything. “

“Initially I found it difficult to follow so many markets at once. Prior to this I had only traded one market and had a few charts up on the side. However I did get more comfortable with all the markets and I definitely found it very helpful in the trading.”

“When to go with the flow and when to fade is a massive task for me as well, and I hope that with more screen time I am able to master it.”

“Changes in order flow can occur very rapidly, so correlations are used to highlight possible trading opportunities so the trader can be prepared.”