Understanding Eurodollars

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About the Course

This course is designed to help you get to know Eurodollar futures and basic strategies. It’s one to do before the STIR Curvature Trading Course.

We start with basic theory and contract specs. Then we look at how the Eurodollar market is used day to day. This includes yield curve trading, risk management, swaps and options. There is also an interesting webinar from a former yield curve trader.

If you are going to trade futures full time, you need to know the Eurodollar market. It’s not only because interest rates affect EVERYTHING, it’s because yield curve trading, particularly in the short end provides a massive range of possibilities in terms of strategies.

Do this course. Do it!

One tip: after you want the webinar, move on to the STIR Curvature Trading course, then at some stage, watch the webinar again. If you are newish to the STIR market, you’ll pick up more things this way.

About the Author

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Course Format:

Text and a 47 min Video