Trading With Depth of Market

In Depth of Market, Technicals by Guy Bower

About the Course

So much of today’s so called ‘trader education’ material is trying to convince you all of this is easy, it’s not technical and anyone can do it.

That is complete BS and it explains why you don’t see a lot of DOM education online. It’s a harder ‘sell’ than saying “Look, here is a chart pattern. You can make lots of money from it. Just sign here”.

I have to say I can get a bit frustrated when I see that kind of garbage. If you are going to trade short term, as in day trading, there are techniques you need to know. These are different from what you needed to know just 5-10 years ago.

If you don’t know them, the guys that do will take your money away from you. It’s as simple as that.

In this course, we look at DOM (or Depth, Market Depth, Depth of Market or just the ladder – it’s all the same). It’s a new style of trading and it’s more than just an order entry window. It’s a way to read the current market.

Given a bit of time and practice you will start to wonder ‘how on earth did we put up with it before this?’.

This course is an introduction as well as a list of some suggested patterns you might see when trading DOM. The patterns are a place to start and aim to get you thinking about how to read DOM. They certainly will not complete you education here.

This is one of several course on DOM on this site. The other courses get you more involved with building dexterity (Speed Trader) and reading the market (all the other DOM courses).

Trade on!

About the Author:

Guy Bower has more than 20 years experience in the market as a money manager for a CTA, a private trader, a professional trader, trading coach, analyst and broker. He is the author of multiple books, eBooks, training material and courses relating to futures and options trading. He is currently the in-house trainer for a proprietary trading firm in Sydney.

Software in the Course:

The first lesson uses Excel (made up to look like a ladder) for the sake of simplicity. All other images are from CQG Integrated Client. It’s a good system and generally bullet proof. You could also trade Open eCry, Ninja Trader and XTrader from Trading Technologies.