FastTrack: Exchange Traded Spreads

In Markets by Guy Bower

About the Course

Our FastTrack Courses are single lesson courses designed to cover a single topic – and explained with no nonsense.

In this FastTrack we look at exchange traded spreads. If you’re going to trade futures, you need to know about exchange spreads. Furthermore if you’re going to trade futures, you should seriously consider trading spreads.

The concept is quite different from UK’s spread betting, and just to confuse you is completely different from what we call the bid/ask spread.

About the Author

Guy Bower has more than 20 years experience in the market as a money manager for a CTA, a private trader, a professional trader, trading coach, analyst and broker. He is the author of multiple books, eBooks, training material and courses relating to futures and options trading.


A quick read (that’s the whole idea).

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