DOM Order Book Analysis with Jigsaw

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About the Course

This is Jigsaw Trading’s course from 2011.

These lessons are an introduction to both Tape Reading and the Jigsaw Tools. Tape Reading/Order Book Analysis is not a ‘quick fix’. Rather it is a method of reading a market that takes time to learn. Unlike a mechanical setup, Tape Reading isn’t something that will one day stop working. As a method of reading a market, Tape Reading will allow you to adapt to changes in the market as they occur over time.

The bottom line is this: A change in order flow comes BEFORE a change in price.

While we already have some DOM courses here on the site, I really want to include these particular ones as they give another perspective of, and a few more ideas on, trading with depth. Some of the videos are quite long and detailed; perfect for a weekend of study.

Regarding Jigsaw, the software is a plug-in for NinjaTrader (version 7.0.1000.4 and above), S5 Trader and all other OEC Trader supported software. It works with DT Pro, one of the platforms we use elsewhere on the site.

I think it’s great to see this software on the market as it makes some of the more established insto (read: expensive) packages look outdated. Power on!


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11 lessons, 1 every 3 days.

It’s a good idea to take notes as you go along, then spend time on your DOM, live or demo, looking for these principles to play out in the market. Investing more time will pay off.

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Mostly text, some video